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Slow Down

Today I learned an easy lesson in an unfortunate way. Slow down! Life can be a blur of activity at times. Sometimes this is stressful but often I tell myself I like the cozy feel of a full schedule. Almost … Continue reading

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Book Overview / Recommendation: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle Is The Way  by Ryan Holiday I’m not sure how I stumbled across this book, but I am so happy I did! It has been the shove I need to get past some “woe is me, why did … Continue reading

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Summer Reflections

I have so many things that I’m thinking and learning right now that are rolling around in my head, and it has suddenly occured to me that my poor little blog has seen very little action of late. I thought it … Continue reading

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Maintaining perspective

It’s been awhile since I posted, and I haven’t really thought through in advance what I’m writing but it feels like it’s time to write again, so here goes! Recently in my department we had the opportunity to take a … Continue reading

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Home-School Connection

My level 2 Spanish students are presenting the culmination of a month’s worth of hard work this week. About a month ago I introduced an IBMYP unit on backpacking. Since then students have worked to research and create a 6-day … Continue reading

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9/11 Lesson & Reflection

Today I did a reading lesson that went really well and wanted to share it with others who may be able to make use of it. Last weekend, @Larryferlazzo posted a helpful link on Twitter to a resource on how … Continue reading

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First Day Reflections 2011

Today was my first full day with my Spanish students and it went really well!! Here’s what I did: Level 2 Spanish: started with seating charts as they walked in handed back name cards to students who attended freshman orientation … Continue reading

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Back to School 2010-2011: Brainstorm

So many thoughts are jumbled together in my head as the start of the 2010-2011 school year approaches. I am reading Alfie Kohn’s book Punished by Rewards which is a great way of building on what I started to explore in … Continue reading

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Teaching & Learning with Drama: A Collection of Quotes & Reflections

During the first week of my summer vacation I took an intensive week-long course at OSU on active dramatic inquiry in the classroom as a teaching and learning approach. I got a lot  out of this course and have written … Continue reading

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Teaching and Learning with Drama: Principle Seven

The seventh and final principle of teaching and learning with drama is to make learning dialogic. Principle seven is the most important of all of the principles I’ve explored in class this week because, as Edmiston writes, “it is at … Continue reading

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