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9/11 Lesson & Reflection

Today I did a reading lesson that went really well and wanted to share it with others who may be able to make use of it. Last weekend, @Larryferlazzo posted a helpful link on Twitter to a resource on how … Continue reading

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Back to School 2010-2011: Brainstorm

So many thoughts are jumbled together in my head as the start of the 2010-2011 school year approaches. I am reading Alfie Kohn’s book Punished by Rewards which is a great way of building on what I started to explore in … Continue reading

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Sub Plan Template

I’m writing from my hotel room while my sub is hopefully successfully navigating my sub plans at school. My personal day is great so far- slept in, read my google reader lazily this morning, attended a session on coding for … Continue reading

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Reflection on 1/12/2011; Plans for Thursday 1/13/2011

Today was OK. Not terrible, but not great. It was a “get things done” kind of day. And I am proud of what I got done since I wasn’t feeling all that great – I miss Justin because he’s away … Continue reading

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Reflection on 1/11/2011; Plans for 1/12/2011

Today was better than yesterday; Tuesdays always seem to outdo Mondays for me! I felt less stressed and crazy and was productive- plus, it was fun!! Periods 4 & 8 1. Meet in Room 153; grab materials/drop off backpacks/report to … Continue reading

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How I Plan for a Sub in my Classroom

This week I am taking a precious personal day on Friday. It works out well logistically because Friday is the last day of our first semester and Monday we have off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a grading … Continue reading

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Reflection Monday 1/10/2011; plans for Tuesday 1/11/2011

Today was a Monday, that’s for sure! I was unfocused, flustered, and unorganized. Boo. Always look forward to putting Mondays behind me so that Tuesday can be better. Despite the feeling that I accomplished nothing today, I did meet a … Continue reading

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Plans for Monday, 1/10/2010

Tomorrow I will be a little schizophrenic planning-wise. I am assessing speaking in all classes but preparing students for different activities on Tuesday. Therefore Monday’s activities will vary to prepare them for Tuesday. At a glance tomorrow will look like … Continue reading

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