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Summer Reflections

I have so many things that I’m thinking and learning right now that are rolling around in my head, and it has suddenly occured to me that my poor little blog has seen very little action of late. I thought it … Continue reading

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I’m Back. Not Better than Ever, but Back.

As I write, amoxicillin is trying to shut down the bacteria causing an upper-respiratory infection in…well, my upper-respiratory area. I am not feeling 100% or even close, but, I am back. I’ve been doing my typical fall-off-the-edge-of-the-earth-during-the-school-year thing of late … Continue reading

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It’s been one of those great fall weekends where you can wear just a T-shirt & Sweatshirt and run around in the sun, watching the leaves change colors and enjoying life! Justin’s out of town this weekend at a conference, … Continue reading

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