About Becky Searls


Hi! Welcome!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m an early-rising, over-active, highly-optimistic, very-smiley, happily-married,  former-high-school-now-middle-school-Spanish teacher who loves to read, eat great food, and travel!

I’m really interested in streamlining all aspects of education to make it the best it can be – this includes exploring ways to be more efficient in my own personal practice and ways to collaborate and communicate more effectively with my colleagues, students, and community. I also love to travel to Spanish-speaking countries to keep my language skills active and explore new and interesting places, people, and cultures!

I recently earned my Masters degree in foreign & second language education at the Ohio State University. I am also endlessly curious about all kinds of topics and trends inside and outside of the field of Education; I love learning about them and how I might relate them to my classroom practice to promote language learning.  Some of those interests include, for example: 21st century skill development, thoughtful integration of technology into the classroom, foreign & 2nd language acquisition, educational psychology, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, software design and programming, gamification of learning, brain-based learning, kinesthetic movement in the classroom, and exploring creative ways of measuring student and teacher performance. I am driven & self-motivated and love my time in the classroom with my students – they inspire me to keep changing and growing every single year. I’m in my 8th year as a Spanish teacher, and I am NEVER bored with my job!

In my free time (which during the school year is pretty limited), I love to hang out with my husband, @searls, an incredibly intelligent and wonderful human being and software engineer/small business owner, read / journal, or keep active and challenge myself to stay in shape. Since college, I’ve been a regular jogger, and currently I love doing fitness challenges I find online to stay challenged and mix up my routine.

If you’re still reading, wow! 🙂 I hope you keep reading. Thanks for stopping by.

-Becky 🙂

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One Response to About Becky Searls

  1. wtlearninginnovation says:

    Hi there, Thanks for your comment on our blog.. we don’t just blog about Moodle so keep an eye on our posts and you may read something that gets your mind going.

    Please feel free to pass on the URL of our blog to your colleagues who are interested in blended learning.

    Kind regards,
    Geoff Young
    Team Leader, Learning Innovation
    Wodonga TAFE

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