I’m still alive! (2016 Edition)

Oh hey, world! I just sorta forgot about this blog / got super busy / whatever other excuse you’d like to insert here! So sorry about the 2? year break there!

Life is going well. I’m on a dream sabbatical for the 2016-17 school year and it involves traveling around the world to a variety of countries to learn from different education systems and set up meaningful global collaborations for our teachers and students.

So far, @searls and I have made it to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and Singapore! Coming up this spring: Costa Rica and the U.K….and hopefully Spain, France, and perhaps one more Spanish speaking central or South American country! I’m in heaven and Justin is ever so patient and supportive, despite just wanting to be at home with his PS4 and many devices.

This year has also been handy to check off lots of things I’ve been needing to do for, oh, half a decade, including getting a gum graft (😖) and sinus surgery (🤕🤧). It is rather amazing to breathe out of my nose for the first time…maybe ever? Or for sure since third grade when my dad bought old blue, a very blue Oldsmobile station wagon with terrible “new” (actually used) car smell. I remember deciding to stop breathing out of my nose and I guess I just applied the decision to my entire life. Turns out when you fail to use your nose for 2+ decades and already were predisposed to sinus and ear issues, you just CANT use it anymore without intervention. So having the time to ameliorate these health issues, among other things, such as living out my passion for travel while contributing meaningfully to my profession and school district, has me on a mission to spread the good news of Why every teacher should take a sabbatical.

In the spirit of maybe actually posting again before the close of this decade I will keep this short and sweet (or as short as someone as naturally inclined towards verbosity is capable of), close for now, and wish you a lovely and cozy holiday season with the people you love, including all the feels and copious amounts of free time to whatever your lil heart desires. ❤


About beckysearls

Married (DINK); High School Spanish Teacher; Lover of new technology (especially apple products!), Learner (of the life-long variety), Voracious Reader, Aspiring Writer, Tweeter, and now (or rather, a returning) Blogger!
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