Reflection on 1/12/2011; Plans for Thursday 1/13/2011

Today was OK. Not terrible, but not great. It was a “get things done” kind of day. And I am proud of what I got done since I wasn’t feeling all that great – I miss Justin because he’s away for a conference and just wasn’t as on today as usual.

5th & 7th period I finished all speakings except one, as a student was absent, but she frequents GLRC and I can assess her there, perhaps even tomorrow. Students were good about noise level and I was able to work one on one with 2 students during my 5th period class after wrapping up speaking assessments so I feel good about that.

4th & 8th periods were good & bad. Good because I was able to get through several speaking assessments per period, and marked more off of that list so that tomorrow will be less stressful; bad because the kids had their eating day today after cooking yesterday and I didn’t get to try any of our dishes! However, it was so nice of my collaborating teacher to offer to host my students for the day & allow me to continue my speaking assessments at the same time – and hopefully today was more interesting for my students than a typical speaking day.

Plans for Thursday, 1/13/2011

Periods 4 & 8: Wrap up Speaking Assessments (Per 4 retake of holiday quiz first; Per 8 take holiday quiz first + self assessments for holiday project); collect food questions; During speakings, hand back writing midterms & have them begin to correct & rewrite – due on Wednesday of next week

Homework: Midterm rewrites w/corrections due next Wednesday

Periods 5 & 7: Meet in 152; follow lead of collaborating teacher 5th period & prep for 7th period during 6th period lunch. Get a gift card for collaborating teacher to say thank you for all of her help. Both classess will cook, clean up, and eat in 1 period, so we will need to start right away at the bell and keep things moving! It should go fast but be fun & memorable. I’m a little anxious about finding all of the supplies in the right places & cleaning up appropriately but I think by jumping in & setting an example it will all work out! And it should go fast but that will be fun too. Only thing is 8th period I have a class and will need to finish up speakings during it so I may have to clean up after school (reminder to self: also said I would meet with 2 students to practice speaking after school tomorrow-suggest they come to room 152 so I can clean up & help them at the same time – let Pam know about this 5th period tomorrow!)

Homework for tomorrow: none! 🙂

Tomorrow is my friday (thank goodness!!!) and so I will try to get things done like finishing my reading midterms grading (got through about a third of them today and a third monday so a third left to go) and get organized a little so that when I come to school on Tuesday for our grading day I can focus & be productive. I am so eager to put 1st semester behind me and turn a new leaf for second semester. I think we need a new semester, fresh chapter, new seating charts, and reminder of expectations to get back on track in the 2nd half of the year. I’m looking forward to it!


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