Reflection on 1/11/2011; Plans for 1/12/2011

Today was better than yesterday; Tuesdays always seem to outdo Mondays for me! I felt less stressed and crazy and was productive- plus, it was fun!!

Periods 4 & 8

1. Meet in Room 153; grab materials/drop off backpacks/report to Room 152 for food lab (4th period was especially good at arriving on time & following instructions)

2. Food lab- help facilitate students in groups. (I felt that I could have been more helpful if I had taken the time to visit hte food classroom in advance & learn where basic utensils, etc., were, in order to better facilitate the class cooking. Thankfully the foods class students were fairly familiar with this & could help my students quite a bit.)

3. Wrap up/Clean up- help out as needed but encourage students to do most of this to show the full task of preparing food.

4. Remind students to report back to 153/152 tomorrow for eating food & to be prepared for speaking exams – I will call them out to room 153 1 at a time. They should also continue to work on their vocab lists for Thursday.  (felt like i didn’t have as much time to clarify this as i would hae liked. Will leave a sign on my classroom door tomorrow to guide confused students to the right location).

Periods 5 & 7

1. Bellwork: none today – just remind of what to work on during speakings (midterm writing corrections/vocab list)

2. Speaking assessments – try to get through 7 in period 5 and 5-6 in period 7 (I got through MORE than 5 5th period, in fact I only have 2 left tomorrow! Hopefully I can try to finish up re-takes with kids who need to retry tomorrow as well- that is if they have been to GLRC and/or office hrs to practice; 7th period I gave really good feedback- clear and specific- following each assessment; however I really took my time and only got 4 or 5 speakigns done which means that tomorrow I will have to HAUL to get everyone finished – noise level was MUCH better in both classes because I threatened to move the speakings indoors if I was distracted in the hallway. Was very pleased!)

3. Homework – prepare for speaking assessment if you haven’t gone, work on vocab list, food due tomorrow to Room 152 labelled with Name & Period for puntos.  (this has been a little unclear all week – I think I need to decide what to check/collect – tomorrow for periods 5/7 and thursday for 4/8 – and make it minimal so I don’t go crazy with papers).

Plans for Wednesday, 1/12/2011

Periods 4 & 8

Students report to 153, drop off bags, and then to 152. Students will stay in 152 to eat food while I call 2 at a time down the hall with me – 1 will be “on deck” in a chair in the hallway and the other in room 153 with me for a speaking assessment. Then when that student finishes I will tell them to let the next child know who is on deck, they will come down to the chair in the hallway and the hallway child will move in to do their assessments. Hopefully I can get through 6-7 speaking per period this way.

Homework: Work on vocab list, food questions

Period 5 & 7

1. BW: assign groups for food lab tomorrow; lay out recipes

2. During speakings: Students should check group assignments, grab a copy of their recipe, and read it over to become familiar with it. They should also read the food lab procedures & instructions for our food day (mini sheet) so they know what to expect tomorrow. Finally students may work on their vocab lists and food articles if not finished – collect these today at the end of class – as well as their midterm writing corrections, which are also due, filed, at the end of class.

3. Homework: tomorrow, report to food lab tomorrow with recipe/vocab list/procedures/instructions.


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