Reflection Monday 1/10/2011; plans for Tuesday 1/11/2011

Today was a Monday, that’s for sure! I was unfocused, flustered, and unorganized. Boo. Always look forward to putting Mondays behind me so that Tuesday can be better. Despite the feeling that I accomplished nothing today, I did meet a few of my lesson goals.

Period 4 & 8:

1) Bellwork: Holiday quiz from last week’s 3 Kings Day/ New Years Culture Presentaion   (this is a work in progress; 4th period students came prepared with quizzes but they were too difficult so they are giving a retake on Thursday; 8th period students didn’t even have quizzes with them so they are giving their quiz on Thursday as well – both groups will lose points on the quiz portion of their project but hopefully learned something about assessment design & preparedness through this process!)
2) During Speakings students will 1) practice for their own assessments, 2) read their recipes for our food lab tomorrow as well as the lab procedures. (hoping most students did the above though it’s always a little bit crazy because I’m one on one with students in the hallway & students are left to their own devices in the classroom during this time – some are more productive than others as a result…)
3) Speaking Midterm Assessments – assess 5 students 4th period and 6-7 students 8th period (accomplished! however, several students were not proficient in speaking & will need to go to GLRC – our global language resource center – to practice speaking & eventually retake. Here’s hoping they do this sooner rather than later to make it easier to follow up with and perhaps more beneficial for their 2nd quarter grades!)

Periods 5 & 7

1) Bellwork – same as above (bonus: in these class students were not only prepared to give their quizzes but also graded them & gave me the results in the same class period! good use of class time during speakings – bravo!)
2) During Speakings students will 1) practice for their own assessments, 2) work on correcting their midterm writings & rewriting them (again, like above, here’s hoping they used their time well – both periods were too noisy while I was out of the room, period 7 more so than 5, and I will need to remind them to watch the noise level tomorrow or else we will have to asses in the classroom which students don’t like because it makes them self-conscious to speak in front of their peers and I don’t like because i cannot provide as much immediate feedback of how they did on the assessment). Note to self: go back & check the corrections/rewrites of those students who scored a 5/6 and if better, bump up scores to a 6 (proficient)
3) Speaking Midterm Assessments: assess 6-7 students 5th period and 6 students 7th period Accomplished! Woo-hoo!

Today I’d say I met 80% of my goals. On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is zen and 10 is a train hurtling out of control down a track with no conductor at the wheel, my stress level was a 7 today. Not great but not the worse I’ve had. Most of this is likely due to the fact that it was a Monday and I’m preparing my classes for different activities on different days this week. Tomorrow my plans are as follows:

Periods 4 & 8

1. Meet in Room 153; grab materials/drop off backpacks/report to Room 152 for food lab

2. Food lab- help facilitate students in groups.

3. Wrap up/Clean up- help out as needed but encourage students to do most of this to show the full task of preparing food.

4. Remind students to report back to 153/152 tomorrow for eating food & to be prepared for speaking exams – I will call them out to room 153 1 at a time. They should also continue to work on their vocab lists for Thursday.

Periods 5 & 7

1. Bellwork: none today – just remind of what to work on during speakings (midterm writing corrections/vocab list)

2. Speaking assessments – try to get through 7 in period 5 and 5-6 in period 7

3. Homework – prepare for speaking assessment if you haven’t gone, work on vocab list, food due tomorrow to Room 152 labelled with Name & Period for puntos.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I can get to my 2nd period duty, start grading some of my midterm readings, and be less stressed out in general!


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