P90X Update

Hi everyone!
Believe it or not I’m still doing P90X! I have successfully completed the Phases I & II, and  the third & final 30-day Phase is now underway & going well. Justin & I took a trip to Disney World (my first time) the second week of august, which conveniently fell during my recovery week between phases II & III and upon our return, I did some alternate workouts for a couple of days (both to get back in the swing of things & to strategically stagger my workouts for going back to school in a more realistic way – now the 90-minute Yoga X workout will now fall on a saturday rather than a weekday, thank goodness!) So, I started Phase III this last wednesday, and so far so good (though it’s kind of amazing how quickly you forget the soreness of ‘muscle confusion’ that the program is built upon! I’m definitely feeling it!)
I start teaching again this coming week so I am crossing my fingers I’ll still have the drive & energy to complete the (around) 60-minute daily workouts on top of teaching full time. I have to applaud those who start up P90X while workout full-time and maintain it from the beginning- that is truly motivating for me! I really only even attempted this program because I knew I would have so much free time this summer. It ended up working out great for me, but I hope I will have the drive to finish strong!  My goal is to do my workouts 2-3 mornings per week and the other days (when its just too hard to rise early to exercise) to do them after I get home from school.
I will probably be in and out with my posts here for awhile  (nothing new there – sorry!) while I get back into the swing of the school year.  I am also starting my master’s degree this fall on top of teaching, so one night a week I’ll have a 3-hour class (that day will definitely be a long one, starting with P90X in the morning, school, then class – I’ll probably just come home and crash afterwards!)
So please drop me a comment if you’re reading to help me stay motivated w/ P90X! Last night I was talking with some friends about the program and one asked “so, what do you do when you finish??” and it was funny because I’ve been kind of wondering the same thing. P90X is the only exercise regimen I’ve ever done where I truly feel like I get a great workout every single day. I love that about it, but, I do wonder if it’s sustainable after the program ends. Though I love the ease of walking into my living room & queuing up a video, I wonder if I”ll have the same motivation to stay active & improve my fitness by myself once Tony Horton (P90X creator & video talking head) isn’t a 60-minute component of my day (don’t get me wrong, he drives me crazy most of the time, but I think I may have stockholm syndrom – where victims identify with their torturers – because I tried a different Yoga DVD last weekend and HATED IT – I never thought I’d say this, but I LOVE YOGA X – I absolutely need 45 minutes of vinyasas following by 45 minutes of balance postures & yoga belly with Tony talking way too much all the while- like he says, “I hate it but I love it!” It’s bizarre – and I think it’s mostly because of the results you see – no other program I’ve tried is so clearly effective, and so quickly. I can deal with Tony’s obnoxiousness for the results, I guess.
Enough rambling! 🙂 Just reflecting a bit – how is everyone doing?

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One Response to P90X Update

  1. Kate says:

    Kudos to you for making it to level III! That’s great! I’m interested to hear about the transformation your body has taken over the last 60 days – have you seen big results/felt big results/all of the above?

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